nishi-ken nishi-ken
Producer/Composer/Arranger/Re-Mixer/Keyboard Player.
nishi-ken ニシケン / DIOSTA CREATORS

nishi-ken is an up-and-coming sound producer from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. He composed and arranged the songs for Tetsuya Komuro, Yasutaka Nakata, mini, MEG and many other major artists. He is also known as a keyboard player. He joined the tour of Takashi Utsunomiya, High Speed Boyz and MEG.

nishi-ken ニシケン / DIOSTA CREATORS

Jin is a one of the most successful music producer in Japan. After touring with his own bands, Jin started his career as a producer in 2005. He is a rare producer who can deal with broad music genre such as Alternative Rock, Pop and Electro Club music. He is best known for his brother’s band “GReeeeN”. Recently, he formed his own band called “High Speed Boyz” and singing in the band.

Junichi Hoshino  a.k.a. Tokyo Counterpoint
Junichi Hoshino  a.k.a. Tokyo Counterpoint  / DIOSTA CREATORS

Junichi Hoshino is a sound producer. He has a reputation as a sophisticated melody and synthesizer-orchestration writer. He has been writing songs for artists, theaters and TV commercials. He started as a mastering engineer and has the unique career of becoming a recording engineer, an arranger, and a composer after that.

Kanata Nakamura
Kanata Nakamura / DIOSTA CREATORS

Kanata Nakamura is a talented lyricist who came out in 2009. She wrote lyrics for Tackey & Tsubasa, Momoiro Clover Z and a very popular Japanese anime “Keion!”. She wrote Japanese lyrics for “GENIE”, the debut single of South Korean idol group “GIRLS’ GENERATION”. Since then, she’s been writing lyrics for so many K-POP artists’ songs of Japanese version.

Shigeo Aoki

Shigeo Aoki is very active as a producer and a composer, providing songs for various artists, theme songs for popular events and TV shows. He understands the in-and-out of the newest DAW system, applies
those knowledge & techniques to mixing and mastering and attracts attention from every direction.
As a manipulator, Shigeo has been performing with Soner Pocket, Takuma Terashima and Natsuko and more.
His skillful stage direction and sophisticated idea/sounds can not be missed.

fazerock fazerock / DIOSTA CREATORS
fazerock is a composer, Re-Mixer, DJ especially well-known in online sites like Niko-Niko-Doga. His DJ career started from 2010. After he found out about Internet labels like MaltineRecord and LowferRecords, he started writing songs for them. He has his music on SNS including “bandcamp” and “Soundcloud” He was featured on “Switch” magazine and “block FM” by TCY Recordings-.

Shoji Yukinari
Shoji Yukinari / DIOSTA CREATORS

Shoji Yukinari is a composer, Arranger, Re-Mixer. He studied in CAT MUSIC COLLEGE in Osaka. He is good at making instrumental songs, background music. You can listen to his music on “Super News” and “SPORT”. He won “Blonze prize” at “AK x HMV REMIX Campaign” for re-mixing AYUSE KOZUE’s song “cry baby “. Recently, one of the top Japanese band “GReeeeN” chose him as their re-mixer.

Mitsumasa Aono
Mitsumasa Aono / DIOSTA CREATORS

Mr. Mitsumasa Aono is a veteran recording engineer who also owns his company I・DE・A Sound. He’s been working with a large number of artists through his long time career. He cares most about the vocals, he is confident of his vocal direction. And He is also well known as a specialist of vintage equipment.


Hanae is a female engineer, mixer. After working at the Universal Music Studio, she started working at Bunkamura Studios owned by birdie house. She worked with many major artists including BACK-ON, D*DATE, Becky ♪♯, and Shimatani Hitomi.


Rian is a Composer / Arranger / SoundProducer / Engineer. He is good at R&B, ROCK, and EMO.

Fumiya Motoki
Fumiya Motoki is an up-coming designer and cameraman from Tokushima, Shikoku Prefecture. He was famous as a student-designer when he was a collage student. After he graduated from school he started his career as a cameraman not only a designer Since he was stimulated by various cultures while he traveled around the world and he tries to add some international taste into his works.
Takahide Ishii
Business Cooperation
Takahide Ishii / DIOSTA CREATORS

Takahide Ishi is one of the top Visual Creator in Japan. He’s been producing music videos for many major artists including GReeeeN.

Masahito Enokido
Business Cooperation
Masahito Enokido / DIOSTA CREATORS

Masahito Enokido is a visual creator. He is an expert of computer graphics. He learned computer graphics while he was in AVEX and joined the project in ICE CUBE and started three-dimensional scenography. He made a contribution to the development of various kinds of 3D production and software in Lucent Pictures Entertainment, Inc. Now he founded his own company.

Sachie Ueda

Sachie Ueda is a Web Designer.
She graduated from Musashino Art University. She was majoring technical industrial design there. She can do direction, designing, coding… everything by herself.